Sunday, August 3, 2008

Computer Arts #151 Exposure

Photo Credits for the 2nd Pic: Jon Burgerman, Mark Matthews.

I’ve been featured in Computer Arts #151 -in the Exposure section.
So you can read a bit about me [here]


CMYKvsRGB said...

Congrats Soul, I wondered when CA was going to feature you. It's one of my favorite mag's. I'm going to have to pick up this issue.

timic said...

this awesome girl!!! well deserved! :)

souloff said...

love you guys!

“We are the ones who will hear,” said Phouchg, “the answer to the great question of Life…!”
The Universe…!” said Loonquawl.
And Everything…!
“Shhh,” said Loonquawl with a slight gesture, “I think Deep Thought is preparing to speak!”