Thursday, August 23, 2007

my bad bad wallpapers + (freckles) T-SHIRT?

Edit(090907): Sadly, voting has now closed. :) + Thanks!

1280x800, 1280x1024, 1400x1050, 1600x1200.


cbt1 said...

Wow thats awesome

tchendoh said...


Delia said...


I love your works and I also have you on watch, on DeviantArt.

I was wondering whether or not one can buy t-shirts from you. For example, if someone wants to buy this t-shirt with "freckles", can that someone buy it from the site? I wanted to see if you can and what the price is, but I couldn't find it...

i'm gonna check this post again this week, to see if you answered...

souloff said...

hey delia. i can send the freckles to my redbubble account if ur really interested. so you can have it as t-shirt or posters. and the price would be same as
you can email me..

Delia said...

Thank you for informing me!

I'm gonna study abroad and don't even know what my address will be. And I don't even have a clue about paying by credit card - don't have an international one yet.

But I'm gonna seriously think about buying one from you in the future, they're all great.

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