Tuesday, August 19, 2008

wheres my money.

//souloff & 83grafik

Collab with the cooly nobeak / 83grafik.

Basically this piece is a dig at all the cowardly clients who have never paid up and get high off our own expense.


scenelack. said...

congrats on ComputerArts :)
youre next.

Boogie said...

great job ;D

Jon Santi said...

i just want to let you know that as an aspiring artist, i really respect your work, and wish you the best.


“We are the ones who will hear,” said Phouchg, “the answer to the great question of Life…!”
The Universe…!” said Loonquawl.
And Everything…!
“Shhh,” said Loonquawl with a slight gesture, “I think Deep Thought is preparing to speak!”